Eye spy…something that I like! / Review by HYL Sister: Siga

SULTRY, smoky, urban-raccoon eye make-up can be sexy on a girls’ night out, but… rather nightmarish after a hot yoga class! I often see students leaving a sweaty yoga class realizing that their eye make-up has run down their cheeks and they fiercely wipe it away with their prune-y fingertips.  If you don’t remove your eye make-up before class it’s guaranteed to drip and melt if it’s not waterproof. Waterproof mascara and liners work great but you’ll still have the residue of your powered eye shadow glittered on your face like a Madonna video.

OUR bodies sweat a lot in a heated Vinyasa class and our faces revolve and rotate in as many angles as our neck allows. My biggest pet peeve:  feeling the sweat trickle down my hairline at the crown of my head, down my forehead and straight over my eyelash in Down-Dog.  One natural trick to keep that from happening is a headband! PRANA headbands have been part of my uniform for over ten years. There. That is one problem solved, now onto the next… if you wear make-up on a regular basis here is a must try to avoid raccoon eye in class!

IN my typical 15 hour day I’m managing Health Yoga Life, teaching yoga, taking yoga class and enjoying dinner out with my fiancée;  I allocate about 10 minutes for my face make-up needs in the morning and have it down to a science using eye shadow from MAKE UP FOR EVER.  In my daily eye make-up application I use MAKE UP FOR EVER – Pearly Waterproof Eye Shadow Pencil. This water-resistant (i.e. sweat-resistant) is super long lasting and leaves a flawless finish in a soft luminous texture. Best part – it NEVER creases on your lid and stays put! There are a ton of different colors  purchasable at SEPHORA. Then after class, presto! Sweep up your hair into a ponytail and your off for your girls’ night out!

PS Just be sure to clean off all make-up before hitting the pillow! The rule in our house was: if you are not old enough to remove it then you are not old enough to wear it! Haha.

From www.makeupforever.com
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