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Got glass? / Review by HYL Sister: Aida

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottles Got it Right

WE’VE come full circle.  American’s started out more than 50 years ago using lots of glass products: our grandmother’s preserved berries in the iconic “Ball” jars, cookie jars where you could actually see it was time to bake some more, or even those beautiful green and blue glass marbles parents tripped on.   Then… we all started microwaving, and Tupperwaring, and jogging with our lightweight plastic bottles. But with recent evidence of BPA leakage, some resorted to using aluminium products – a throwback to camping canteens.  FINALLY,  we have come back to glass.  Our grandmothers had it right.

I ONLY question, why didn’t I think of that? What a great idea.  The moment I saw the Lifefactory Glass Water Bottles hanging on the end of the aisle at my local Whole Foods they caught my eye.  Bright fun colors, a glass bottle fitted into a silicone protective sleeve. They come in a variety of sizes and varying top options.  I got the Classic Cap 16oz in dark purple and am really very happy with it.  I shied away from the flip top option because thrown into a back pack it looked like it had the potential to open up and cause spillage.  The 22oz looked a bit like a super-sized drink can, though I am considering it for those days I am practising a lot of yoga and need extra hydration.

THE Classic Cap provides an easy to close and open screw top.  It is dishwasher safe and truly easy to clean.  Yet the thing that I love the most about this water bottle is that it actually makes my water taste so good!!  It tastes fresh and clean.  I don’t know about you but my plastic bottles melted and scratched and my metal bottles corroded and made my water taste, well, metallic (yuck).   This glass bottle makes my water taste so good, so pure; it actually makes me want to drink more water – not a bad thing.  The Lifefactory started out by making BPA-free products for infants and now has a full line of infant and children’s products as well.  The glass is produced in Europe and the silicone sleeves in the U.S.A.

THE bottles are sold everywhere, so do shop around as prices vary by retailer.  They are a bit more pricey averaging twenty bucks, yet the re-usability will offset the cost.  Also I have heard that they are still breakable if they fall on just the right spot which is not covered by the silicone so they are not completely fool proof.  I will live with these inconveniences for the benefit of fresh tasting, clean, transportable water.

Lifefactory from Lifefactory website

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