Grounding Yoga Poses for Virgo Season

We’ve officially shifted from Leo season (July 23-August 22), to Virgo season (August 23-September 22). This is a time of change. The switching of the seasons, the shift to back-to-school, the weather turning from summer to fall. Let’s look at some grounding yoga poses that can help you feel more grounded in this period of change into Virgo season.

Mountain Pose: Tadasana

Mountain Pose is the perfect post to really feel connection with the earth. Stand with your feet a few inches apart with your arms at your sides, palms facing out. Pull up through your spine and the crown of your head. The key to this pose is length. Feel yourself growing from your roots to your leaves. You can even close your eyes for a deeper grounding experience. Imagine drawing energy up through your feet, like a tree soaks up water.

Warrior II: Virabhadrasana II

If you’ve taken any kind of yoga class, you’ve probably done this classic pose. While it can seem simple on the surface, alignment in Warrior II is key. Your front foot should be straight, while your back foot somewhere around a 90-degree angle. Take up space. Root down into the inside edge of your back foot and keep your front knee tracking over your toes. If your front foot is the right, your right arm reaches out in front of you, and your left arm reaches back. Make sure your pelvis is slightly tucked to avoid arching your back and check that your shoulders aren’t creeping up near your ears. Focus your Drishti, or gaze, at the tips of your front fingers. Sink down into this pose and take several long breaths.

Seated Easy Pose with a Twist: Sukhasana

One of the best ways to feel grounded is to sit on the ground! Sit with your legs in an easy cross-legged position. You can also sit up on a block or a blanket if that feels more comfortable. On an inhale, draw up through your belly and get as tall as you can. On an exhale, use your hands to gently twist your torso to one side. This is supposed to be gentle. With every inhale, think getting taller, with every exhale, you can twist a little more. Hold for a few breaths and then switch sides.

Tree Pose: Vrkasana

What’s more grounding than Tree Pose? This is a great pose to work on balance, breathing, and humility. Somedays your tree will be solid and no wind could shake you, and other days, it feels like you’re fighting not to fall over. Start with one leg firmly planted on the ground. Bring your foot to your ankle, calf, or inside of your thigh, avoiding your knee. Keep your hips square and pick an unmoving spot to rest your Drishti. You can keep your hands at your heart center, or reach them above you, growing your tree branches. Two extra challenges: move your arms gently from side to side, or, for an even bigger challenge: close your eyes.

Corpse Pose: Savasana

Our wonderful Co-Founder, Aida, used to say that Savasana was the most important part of the practice. For the most-simple Savasana, you can lay on your back with your feet splayed out, and your hands either facing down, or up. Close your eyes and completely let go. You can stay in Savasana for as long as you want. It’s also a great pose for meditation. If you’d like to get a little more comfortable, you can add a yoga blanket under your head as a pillow, blocks under your thighs, or a blanket over your thighs.

Practice your grounding poses with our On Demand Library, and feel more grounded during this change from summer to fall!

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