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Health Yoga Life Coaching Helps You Become More You!

Being a yoga student, you undoubtedly know that the path of self- discovery that you embrace requires diligence and honesty. The practice of yoga stimulates us to go deeper to remove obstacles that hinder our progress specifically because as we practice we begin to have awareness about our self-imposed limitations or negative beliefs about the self. Sometime people choose to stuff down self-realizations and truths that make them uncomfortable.  Some signs of stuffing down your own growth is addiction, anxiety, continuing behaviors that don’t serve you, numbing out etc. But there is an alternative choice. There is the choice to take action, to explore and resolve uncomfortable feelings by bringing them to voice and working them through with a HYL Coach. When feelings are stuffed down, we are not ourselves and our body mind reacts with discomfort or even dis-ease. HYL Coaching provides a clear pathway to unearth, manage and heal uncomfortable feelings.  The first step is to ask for coaching.  It is in the asking that we are finally taking responsibility for our own feelings and ensuing behaviors. Asking for coaching does not mean there is something wrong with us. It actually means we are highly functional individuals wanting to stop self-sabotaging behaviors.

Highly functional successful people have learnt that the instinctive and intellectual planes experienced in our conscious mind are not the whole self. The instinctive and intellectual planes are driven by fear arising from desire that cannot be met. A desire to be seen “as successful” is colored by the fear of success or jealously or others. Desire to be perfect and “get things right” makes us angry when things go wrong. Continuous feelings of fear bring on anxious states of mind. A HYL Coach is trained to help you remember and connect with your wholeness where you are able to be creative, authentic, connect with what is real and true and take right action. Working with a HYL Coach in a coaching series you will learn to fully step into your power and continuously take responsibility for your feelings and behaviors. A coaching series is an opportunity to grow and be your own magnificent self. Coaching is all about moving from stuck to action. It is the way forward to an optimal life because it puts you in the driver seat of your destiny, your future.You can read all about our coaching or coach training on our website by visiting the links below, but we encourage you to take a brief 30 minutes and chat with one of our amazing coaches.  CLICK HERE

They will share with you more about HYL coaching and help you see if 1:1 Coaching or our Training might be right for you!

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Couple a HYL coaching series with the HYL all virtual Coach Training and get the exponential results on the path of personal development that is waiting for you!  Learn more CLICK HERE

There is no better way to learn about the practice you love than through a yoga teacher training.

Join us and give yourself the opportunity to rest, heal, shed, and grow.