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How Botanical Medicine Helps You Find Authenticity

Because of our busy lives, we become numb to the present moment and our emotions. We simply move through the motions of our everyday routines. We could all use a little reawakening. Pohala, a company in Hawaii, was created to help us awaken our spirits with their Esoteric Hawaiian Botanical Medicine oils, tinctures, and teas. Learn how ferns and botanical medicine can help you reach your true authentic self.


The Power of Ferns

Because of free will, humans began pursuing their own pleasures instead of humbling themselves to the flow of nature. This led us far away all that is sacred. The journey back to a relationship with Mother Nature involves experiencing and expressing the traits, emotions, and virtues of humanity (the principles of Aloha).


Ferns stayed in an evolutionary stasis, which means they have remained unchanged since the beginning of time. The fern has a biosphere surrounding its body that encompasses and preserves the code of life and the source of intelligence. Because of this, ferns have natural healing powers that can connect you with your authentic self and the world around you.


Each Hawaiian fern embodies a specific human emotion, virtue, or trait. The Moa fern can bring Purification, the ‘Ae fern holds Empathy, and the Wawae’iole fern can help you practice Acceptance. Fern botanical medicine is used to help each one of us come to a state of Aloha (or Love). It is the purpose and meaning of everything and is the accumulation of all principles.


Wild Fern for Relaxation

One of our favorite oils from Pohala was discovered by Zara, one of the HYL sisters, during a trip to Maui. The Wild Fern oil is made up of the 50 different Hawaiian ferns. The spores in these ferns modulate the nervous system and regenerate your cells for well-being, relaxation, and stabilization. This amazing scent can guide you into meditation and prayer, perfect for accompanying any yoga practice (such as our classes or our teacher training). It can be used as a bedsheet spray, a yoga mat spray, or a cologne or perfume.


Palapalai Fern for Discipline

We could all use a little more discipline in our lives – whether that’s in our yoga practice, in our work, or in chasing our dreams. Pohala’s Palapalai Fern Essence can be added to your food or drink to connect you with emotional Discipline. This will increase your focus and energy, allowing you to achieve results in your efforts towards your goals.


Makali’i Fern for Euphoria

Too often, we lie to ourselves (or believe what others say) about who we are and who we can be. If you’re stuck in a role or identity that doesn’t feel true to yourself, try Pohala’s Makali’I fern tincture to experience emotional euphoria that will help you on your journey towards the freedom of seeing your true worth. For anyone who is feeling stagnate or depressed, this tincture can lead you to satisfaction and contentment.


Reawaken Your Spirit with Nature

One of the best ways to come back to the root of our true selves is turning to nature. The breath of life has been preserved in ferns, and by consuming the power of these plants, we can restore balance to our lives. Learn more about Pohala and how it can enliven you here.

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