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Krunch’n’Munch / Review by HYL Sister: Vyda

KRUNCH!  Krunch! Krunch!  I am a nacho loving girl.  Tortilla chips, cheese, black beans, and just the right amount of spicy salsa.  However nachos should not be the staple of one’s diet.   There is a Whole Foods between my Boston yoga studio and where I live.  Convenient to say the least, but also can be dangerous on the wallet.  Needless to say I am there a ton.  Some days I run for the staple salad bar lunch, other days I walk in and linger around hoping to be hit with some new inspiration for a yet untried veg-friendly meal.

It was on one of those saunters, that I saw Kale Krunch.  It said “Raw! Vegan! Gluten Free!”  And then the words “Quite Cheezy” just jumped out at me.   Anything with the word “Cheezy” in the description gets me every time. Famished as I just had taught a 90-minute sweat inducing yoga class,   I was not even out the door when I ripped into the bag.  Not half way home, the last little green leaf had been swallowed up.  A new addiction began.

KALE KRUNCH touts itself as “Nature’s Green Supersnack”.  I just say it is a Super SNACK!  We all know eating more leafy greens is good for us, but little did we know kale and a little nutritional yeast could be this darn delicious.  Be forewarned this stuff is seriously habit forming.  Don’t just buy one bag, throw two in the cart. You’ll thank me later!

Krunch and Munch and krunch and…KALE KRUNCH!!

Krunch and munch and krunch....KALE KRUNCH

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