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Mindfulness is limited without Emotional Responsibility

There are so many times in our lives that we are challenged to understand more about ourselves, and life. If you think about it, whether it is a personal or professional struggle or a worldly event that brings things up for us to heal, the healing is the important part. Without healing ourselves we can’t heal our world. Your healing journey, really understanding the lessons of your life is the most powerful human experience you can have.

As a yoga practitioner you know the importance of being mindful –of observing your life, your thoughts from the inside out. BUT the golden question is what do you with that information? What good is noticing your pain or anger or guilt or fear without understanding it or doing something about it?

This is where the HYL Emotional Responsibility Method comes in. The ER Method is a process that brings you further clarity and gives you access to potent choice and action.

If you are ready to have more meaning in your life, to learn from what is actually happening in your life, to take anxiety, fear, pain, struggle and use it to move your life forward versus staying stuck in these feelings, then learning the ER Method is your next step.

Our 10-month 100% online coach training is the the way to learn this potent process. It is a training that deepens your understanding and gives you tools for growing in consciousness and compassion for yourself and others. Our communities need you to take your self growth seriously now more than ever!

So take the first step! Opt-in to learn more about our virtual HYL Coach Training. As a bonus we are offering a discount of 25% off the HYL Coach Training right now to everyone who opts in. There is no obligation, but in the next few days we will share with you more information about this amazing program.

If learning tools to support your own growth and healing, to increase intimacy with yourself and others, if honoring your journey and taking action is what you know you are needing then definitely opt-in. You’ll also be able to become a certified coach and add these skills to your professional career or coach others in your life!

Read more about the Health Yoga Life Coach training CLICK HERE

There is no better way to learn about the practice you love than through a yoga teacher training.

Join us and give yourself the opportunity to rest, heal, shed, and grow.