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Nag Champa Incense to Enhance Your Yoga Space

Our in-person yoga studio may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the feel of our studio in your own home. An incense we used to burn in the studio was Nag Champa from Nag Champa Spa. This California-based company sells hand-crafted aromatherapy and fragrance products that originated from India and Nepal. It has a variety of items to transform your home practice into a yoga studio experience.


Incense for a Calming Environment

When our studio was still open, we frequently burned the Nag Champa Gold incense, and our yogis were always asking what it was. This hand-rolled incense is a blend of herbs, floral extracts, and essential oils for a peaceful, calming fragrance to accompany any yoga practice. You do not even necessarily need to burn the sticks as they have a gentle aroma that you could make into a diffuser. It warms up any space.  



Candles for Peace

Bring warmth and relaxation to your home practice with Nag Champa Spa’s lavender candle. If you’re feeling anxious, sad, or depressed, lavender can relieve these negative feelings and fill you with a sense of peace. A combination of yoga and a natural lavender candle will help you see the hope of brighter days.


Aromatherapy Gift Set for Change

If you’re not sure which incense you should try first, you can get the gift set. This set has samples of Nag Champa Spa’s most popular scents and even comes with a beautifully made holder. Change up your home yoga practice with these samples. Relax with Nag Champa Gold, stay energized with sage, and relieve depression with jasmine. Whatever you feel like you’re lacking, there’s an incense to restore balance. Check out the gift set here.


Bracelets for Meditation

Nag Champa Spa not only sells aromatherapy items, they also have handmade Good Karma items, such as their Chakra Gemstone bracelet. This piece of jewelry features handcrafted beads from India. It’s a beautiful gift or accessory to remind you (or your loved one) to meditate.


Hand Sanitizer for Cleanliness

In order to stick to your yoga practice, it’s important to care for your health. Keep your hands clean with Nag Champa Spa’s hand sanitizer. It not only rids your hands of germs, it also moisturizes your skin. This classic Nag Champa fragrance will relax you as you run errands. Find this hand sanitizer here.


Deepen Your Yoga Practice

While you’re practicing yoga from home, you can still create a sacred, authentic space. Burn a Nag Champa Spa incense stick or candle, and join one of Health Yoga Life’s weekly virtual classes led by a certified yoga instructor. These hand-crafted items from Nag Champa Spa will enhance your yoga practice any day you need it most.

There is no better way to learn about the practice you love than through a yoga teacher training.

Join us and give yourself the opportunity to rest, heal, shed, and grow.