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A Secret Amongst Sisters / Review by HYL Sister: Zara

SECRETS. Hush. We all have them. Hush. Some keep them betters than others. Fact. Some never know why you need them. Boring. But then there are the ones, that once have become public knowledge change the course of history [remember that Trojan Horse?!]… well, in some instances simply your little patch of it! Countless studies about pheromones have been written, trying to belittle love to a chemistry equation. Again, boring with a capital B. Au courant readers have probably heard about parties where singletons place sweaty t-shirts into plastic bags and sniff them until they find one they like. Right. Where have the days gone where trains charging through the palatial countryside of Provence set the perfect scene for two souls? Where their dialogue barely audible leads them, to their good fortune, to an empty couchette as crumbling villages role by. If you are ready to leave behind pheromones and filthy t-shirts, listen up! The only secret weapon needed to invitingly bring romance back to your day is through a distinct scent, which entices not only others but you to yourself, so at the very least it will build your confidence.

PERHAPS you already have your signature scent, but if not, or you are sprucing up your vanity drawers, take a tip from the Bielkus sisters: Fragonard.  Whether you like sweet, fresh, deep, or bright smells, they will have one for you. An ideal way to start with this niche perfumeur is to buy a gift set, for example The Box of 10 that contains many miniatures – a different one for each day! This can be a civilised introduction to the ‘French shower’ i.e. dousing yourself in fragrance before heading out if you ran out of time to bathe (or the boiler is on the outs). If you are more the house-proud type then note that the home fragrances are incredibly powerful;  within one moment of walking through your front door you will be swept onto a sunny veranda, Aperol Spritzer in hand with crickets keeping time to some big-band jazz.

FOR many years, this coveted brand was only available in France, where a hillside villa still produces their golden bottles of plaisir.  With no synthetic “odorants” they are quite pure and intense.  Parfum is significantly more robust than eau-de-toilette, so that may impact your choice, and no guarantees for those with allergies to scented stuff.   Only recently has Fragonard begun selling to the United States so minimal delivery charges are actually a blessing.

MY personal favorite for a smart home is the Orange Blossom scent diffuser. My favorite, never fails parfum? Now that is a secret. Shh.

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