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Luscious Lips / Review by HYL Sister: Vyda

Luscious lips; don’t we all want them!  Well I am going to share with you my secret to soft, luscious, and nourished lips.  I hate chapped lips, who doesn’t?  Even worse is getting the dreaded cold-sore or sun blister.  My lips were always dry and unhappy especially in the sun.  Big brand-names like Chapstix didn’t seem to help. In fact, it always seemed like my lips would dry out even more.  Or the lip balms I used would simply spread a layer of ointment on my lips that wouldn’t actually heal the lips at all.  When it comes to lip treatments, I have tried them all.  You name it – I have tried it.

Nivea’s A Kiss of Moisture Lip Care? Yup!  Too silky.  Blistex Plain? Yup!  Rubs right off.  Blistex Medicated? Yup!  Smells like a medicine cabinet.  The yogi lover’s staple, Burt’s Bees Natural Beeswax Lip Balm?  Yup!  The wax just sits on the surface of the lip.  The super model’s favorite, Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1? Yup!  Too greasy.

Balm after balm, I struggled.  In fact, I struggled so much that I was willing to pay any amount of money just to help heal my lips and once even succumbed to the promise of La Mer’s Miracle Broth™   Lip Balm with a cool price of $50. And can honestly say there was no miracle found in this little pot of balm.

One day after a long day out in the surf, sand and sun on a yoga retreat, I could feel a sun blister coming on.  I needed to do something and needed to do something fast!   As I was complaining to a fellow colleague, she mentioned that she used to suffer from sores, a painful pout and such until she finally found “Quantum’s Super Lysine+ Coldstick”.  Off I went to the nearest health food store.  This tiny tube is truly a lip savior.  It heals, penetrates, and protects.   It doesn’t just sit on the lip as a barrier.  It nourishes the lip and prevents future cold sores or sun blisters from forming.  With SPF-21 I never have a problem with my lips in the sun anymore.   Whether I am hiking, hanging out at the beach, pre-yoga teaching, hitting the slopes, or getting ready for bed, the Coldstick is not far from reach.  In fact I keep two: one in my purse and one at home, just so I am never without it.

The proportion of ingredients is so perfect that it soothes even the crankiest of lips.  My niece, nephew, and even my 97 year old grandmother,  love it and always ask me for the “special balm” when their lips are dry.   I have found the Coldstick available at most health food stores including Whole Foods but usually it is not with the other lip balms, instead you’ll find it alongside the vitamins.  This is its rightful place as it is more of a healing product than a cosmetic product;  although,  it is a vital companion in my daily prepping routine. For everyday use, be sure to pick up the one that is in a round stick shape because they sell a very similar one in a tube, which is a treatment in an ointment base as opposed to a stick.

One piece of advice to the producers, Quantum they just might want to rebrand the name to the “Best Lip Balm Ever”  because these lips don’t lie, it is!


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