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A Self-Care Checklist for 2021

Another year is upon us, which means we have a full year of possibilities and opportunities for self-growth. As we leave 2020 behind, let’s remember what we learned (about ourselves, our relationships, and the world) as we look towards the future. Whatever your resolutions and ambitions for the year, be sure to incorporate wellbeing goals. We’ve compiled a list of selfcare tips to help you focus on your health so you can achieve your resolutions and intentions for 2021.


Mental Health First, Always

If we don’t care for our mental health first, nothing else we do will matter. We can’t properly love and tend to our family and friends when we’re stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, sad, or angry. Start the New Year off right by getting into a healthy mental space. Speak to a therapist if you need to. An unbiased ear may be exactly what you need to ease your mind. You can also do smaller things on your own. Journaling, coloring, and painting are nice ways to handle stress and anxiety. When your thoughts are buzzing out of control, consider meditation. It helps you manage anxiety, stress, and depression and increases self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Take a few minutes out of your day to slow down and nurture your mental health.


Reach for Your Goals

You’ve set your New Year’s resolutions and intentions, but have you given any thought to your life goals? Have they gone by the wayside in the wake of 2020?

If you’re like many of us, your goals may have been set on the back burner as you adjusted to a new way of life. The New Year brings the opportunity to revisit your plans for the future. Write down your career and life goals and start strategizing on how you can achieve them. Be gracious with yourself if you don’t end up where you thought you’d be by the end of the year. Even small accomplishments can be giant steps towards improving your confidence and positivity. This year, care for yourself by being intentional about your goals.


Move It or Lose It

A great way to care for yourself is by getting regular exercise. It does wonders to improve your mental health – increasing endorphins, good moods, energy, and focus. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Take that online yoga class you’ve been thinking about since last year. An hour every few days (or even just once a week) can be exactly what you need to give yourself a little self-love. If the weather is nice, consider taking your practice outside for more of a mood-boosting, stress-reducing, and mind-sharpening exercise. If you’re short on time, you can start small with a few quick indoor exercises – all you need is 10-15 minutes. Don’t lose your mind in 2021 – get moving!


Deepen Your Relationships

The last year has put strains on a lot of our relationships. Whether we ended up spending never-ending amounts of time with our loved ones or whether we weren’t able to see them at all, our relationships have been tested. This new year is giving us the opportunity to be creative on how we stay in touch with our friends and family. How can we strengthen our relationships?

We’re social beings and need genuine connections with others. Take care of yourself this year by finding ways to reconnect. Volunteer together in 2021 and bond over helping others. Take a yoga class with your closest friends at a virtual yoga studio. Or, participate in yoga teacher training together, keeping each other accountable to your fitness goals and learning something new about each other. Tending to your relationships is an important way to care for yourself in the new year.


Declutter Your Space

The saying “A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind” can also relate to our personal spaces. It can be hard to think and relax in a space that is covered in life (dirty laundry, shoes, yoga accessories, dog toys, kids’ homework, your SO’s coffee mugs). Do your spring cleaning a little early this year and start fresh. Toss out anything you haven’t used in several months. Organize your closet, desk, cabinets, and pantry. Once your space is cleaned up and organized, invest in a diffuser and essential oils to refresh your space and invigorate your mind.


Excel in 2021

Whatever your hopes are for 2021, make wellbeing a priority. Find ways to relieve stress. Live in the moment with your family and friends while looking to the future and reaching for your personal goals. Refresh your space for a clear, calm mind. Stay active with yoga. We hope this self-care checklist will enable you to stay strong and excel at whatever you do in 2021.

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