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Why Sit on the Sidelines? Get in the Game that is Your Life

Nothing comes from lack of engagement. NOTHING. It’s amazing to watch how many people passively watch their lives go by, almost like a movie being played out in front of them.  As a yoga studio owner, HYL coach and teacher I work with people from all walks of life, and the fact is those that stay on the sidelines just aren’t having as much fun as the people in the game.  The thing is you need to decide what is your game and then go after it with all the love in your heart.

Is your game to get good at yoga?  Then what holds you back from learning more about it.  Is your game to create a new profession?  Then why are you still thinking that binge watching Netflix is going to somehow teach you anything about the type of career you’d like? Is your game to want to be healthier and happier than the year before? Then why are comfort foods still providing so much darn comfort?

To really be in the game of what you want in your own life is plain and simple called taking responsibility for your life.  This is your life.  Your life! The life that you are creating is 100% up to you.  Once you fully realize this you have all the power. Sure sometimes it can mean having a loss as you pursue your life without excuses, but more often than not it means being able to celebrate wins.

Here’s your homework: today or tonight when you have a moment to yourself start to envision your life the way you want your life to be.  What does it look like? Feel like? Taste like? Who are you in that life? What do you look like and behave in that life?  Repeat this visioning technique until you really have it designed and then take action from this place.  Action from already having this life!  Resolved.  Decided.  In it to win it!

Yoga, meditation, coaching help us get crystal clear on how we hold ourselves back from our lives.  These practices help us move toward full emotional responsibility of our very precious life.  When you find yourself on the sidelines, unsure, afraid, uncertain, turn to these tools. Get to a yoga class or call a HYL coach.

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