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Summertime Smoothness / Review by HYL Sister: Zara

Singing Summertime Sadness aloud in the shower is not exactly appropriate at my local gym. But my scrubbing routine on the other hand is the same whether there, at home or travelling. Because, it is Summertime and the living is…smooth (or at least it should be!). To glow, often all you got to do is smile, but smooth soft skin doesn’t hurt either. As the body’s largest organ it too can use a little TLC – after all it protects you, regulates your temperature, eliminates toxins and of course helps get a good sweat on during a heated yoga class in Boston. There are so many options for loofahs, and being a Libra, I used to have about half a dozen at one time in the bathroom. Then the moment came when I found the answer to my skin’s craving for clean – all natural Sisal Body Glove by Bass.  It lathers, it exfoliates, it dries quickly and it even helps increase circulation to the skin thereby improving elasticity, tone and glow factor.

For years I used brushes too, but still found my skin clogged-up near the places where the Lulu Lemon yoga top had been a few hours pre-shower. An added bonus is the fact that any soap or shower gel lather into oblivion and so I use far less. I am a long time loyalist to two washes (remember that Libra thing): Dr Bronner’s Liquid Castile and Weleda’s Sea Buckthorn.   The combination of one of those washes with the Sisal Body Glove by Bass makes applying lotion or oil afterwards almost unnecessary; it almost feels as if my skin is so clear I can hear it breathe.  Give the glove a deep clean by an occasional soak in diluted white vinegar& water, rinse and always dry after use.

Before you bare all on the beach, apply St Tropez tanner, or don a Mint Julep colored bridesmaid dress, DO brush up with the Sisal Body Glove by Bass.

NB: obviously for the sensitive skin of the face this would be too intense, good go-tos are Dr Hauschka’s or Liz Earle’s muslin cloths.


Click Here for retailer; most natural food/beauty stores, Whole Foods Market or the like stock the products above.

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