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The Hands Have It / Review by HYL Sister: Zara

Eyes may be the gateway to the soul, but you can’t hide your hands and what they say about you; unless of course you are the Queen of England and everyone can only question if those gloves secretly hide hideous cuticles. Short intentionally trimmed nails? Someone who prefers to text than call. Glamour synthetic nails? Types on a keyboard too much to maintain the length they prefer.  Bitten to the quick nails? A pianist with stage fright.  And let’s not even start generalizations about shape and… size!

Admittedly, upon making a new acquaintance, I would much prefer to bow than shake hands (mostly because Cold& Flu season terrifies me).  But since cultural tradition dictates against this where I live, I have found people’s blank stare usually translates to ‘how rude!’ when their hand is already stretched out toward me – and I don’t meet it. Very awkward.

As you can imagine, gloves are a staple of my wardrobe. But now we find Holiday Party season on our heels, and frankly, unless the Audrey Hepburn look is in, the little black dress is not served by gloves.

The only solution is Badger Balm – For Hardworking Hands. The only thing to say, is already stated on the jar – This Stuff Works! Never have my nails felt this strong, or hands this prepared to face the Antibacterial Soap at most establishments, including hosts’ homes. The Badger people got it right as its neutral scent won’t leave you smelling of a Provençal meal, and its Mini-Mouse size means you can sneak it into any clutch, skinny jeans pocket, or even your husband’s waistcoat (shhh!). If you wash out the sturdy, metal container once its finished, you can use it to take vitamins on the go, or fill it with another lotion/potion for a plane journey. I may have a drawer full of hand cream but that little tub is always within easy reach.

The range of Badger products is extensive, and they will probably have a fix for your physical demands. The image of a little badger dozing under a full moon on their Sleep Balm is so heartwarming that that alone makes me buy it again and again; though falling asleep is not the problem for us, rather dozing past the snooze button is!

Now, time to – shake – rattle and rub on the Balm