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The Hoboroll by GobiGear / Review by HYL Sister: Siga

Like recycling aluminum, paper and plastic, some things are best kept apart. Sweaty yoga clothes and the rest of the material universe form one of these conflicting relationships, which makes toting your yoga gear such a challenge when a wet clump of yoga apparel, and bliss, is what you’re left with after an hour and a half of heated, Vinyasa practice.

Conceived as a lightweight nylon backpack, the Hoboroll by GobiGear contains five tubular pockets and drawstrings at either end. You can stuff it with shoes, water bottles, sweat-engorged clothing, dry clothing, towels and, say, an Organic Food Bar, all of varying sizes, shapes, and levels of hygiene, then draw the ends tight to compress the roll. Made of mixed recycled and new materials, it’s a simple, comfortable way to pack a range of items for either a long trek or a quick dash to the yoga studio. The shape echoing that of a yoga mat makes for an easy fit in cubbies (bonus).

The Hoboroll is also a huge time saver! You can always spot a yogi running to class with a yoga mat slung behind their backs and toting a bag heavy of essentials. Yoga students rarely come to class early and rather slip into class right on time. Having the essentials compartmentalized is a useful way to find what you need when you need it. Ever find yourself in the dilemma at the start of class of either tossing all your apparel, towel and props out onto the studio floor, or rummaging through your dark bag looking, but mostly feeling, for that favorite headband?  You almost feel like a squirrel, searching for a treasure that is actually buried 8inches the other way. Well, no more! The Hoboroll makes for an easy transition from transportation to your mat.

The Hoboroll wins points for elegance, hygiene, time efficiency and sustainability!


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Hoboroll for free from Gobi Gear as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations,  in consideration for review publication.

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