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The perfect peanut butter! Review by HYL Sister: Vyda

There are a ton of reasons why I am thankful for this past season’s amazing snow fall in New England:  1. It got me back to the mountains of my childhood, where I learned to ski (although the snow was so good this year that I hardly remember a season like this in New England!)  2.  The snow lasted well into April which gave me the chance to go to Jay Peak with my three sisters and my niece and nephew! We had a ball and some great spring skiing! And  3. I am most thankful for the snow because it introduced me to no joke, the WORLD’S GREATEST PEANUT BUTTER!  You read right folks.  Who could possibly know that the most delicious peanut butter on the planet hails from Vermont?

We were up in Vermont getting some food at Jay Peak’s little provisions store, when my sister Siga insisted we get some peanut butter.  Considering we were only up on the mountain for 3 days, the peanut butter didn’t seem so essential to me, but she remembered my  mom always insisting that the two type 1 diabetics in the family (one is me!) always need an easy ready- to- go snack, especially when active,  with just the right combination of protein, carbohydrate and fat.  Peanut butter is the perfect way to get this combo.   We had left Skippy long ago, and always buy only freshly ground peanut butter, or at least a brand whose list of ingredients only includes peanuts and salt. It passed the ‘ingredient list test’,  had the fun “Welcome to Vermont” sign, and the words Chunky, so my sister and I figured it passed enough criteria to be bought.

Well the first morning for breakfast, we toasted up  some bread and made sandwiches with the Vermont Peanut Butter Company’s chunky style peanut butter.  Suddenly my staple breakfast of two eggs in the morning had a serious competitor.  This peanut butter is like no other peanut butter and is better tasting than freshly ground peanut butter. It has the perfect chunky consistency (we are talking whole peanuts) and the hint of sea salt pretty much makes this stuff addictive.   The peanut butter was suddenly making an appearance on bananas, rice crackers, even a tortilla chip.  Basically anything that could be a vehicle for more peanut butter.  And then there it was… the moment, when the knife scraped the last little but of scrumptiousness out of the jar.  Panic in the kitchen!

So I quickly went and googled the peanut butter from Vermont, and I was so excited to see the cool folks and story behind the brand.   And then was amazed to see that they have 10 unbelievably delicious sounding flavors, like “Good Karma” with peanuts and dark chocolate, “Bee Nut Butter” peanuts and raw honey (considering I can satisfy a cookie craving with nut butter and raw honey; these guys know flavor combos J), and the limited edition “Champlain Cherry” which I will now patiently await for October’s arrival.

Secretly, I dream that the Vermont Peanut Butter folks send me one of each flavor to sample.  But until then, I will be ordering my fix from their easy to navigate website.  Trust me, you should too!


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