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Celebrating Your Sacral Chakra

The second chakra, or your sacral chakra, is all about passion and pleasure. When this chakra is out of balance, you can lack creativity, be disconnected from your feelings, and blocked from your emotions. There are many ways to unblock your sacral chakra and celebrate the sacral chakra, but here are just a few.

What is your sacral chakra?

If you’re unfamiliar with the seven chakras, you can read our earlier post that goes into detail about each one. We already covered the first chakra, the root chakra, for Earth Day, so now it’s time to turn our focus to the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is located in your pelvis, and is the center for passion, intimacy, creativity, and emotions, and is associated with the color orange. In Sanskrit, the name for the sacral chakra is Svadhisthana. When energy is flowing through this chakra, you experience joy in the moment, to share intimacy with your relationships, and tap into your own creativity.

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

You can use various affirmations for your sacral chakra. An affirmation is a statement that you can say out loud, to yourself, or even write down that can help create change in your consciousness. Affirmations are most effective when they are positive, and in first person. Say them in the morning when you wake up, or during your meditation. They might also be effective written on a note and stuck to a mirror:

  • “I love and enjoy my body.”
  • “I allow myself to experience pleasure.”
  • “I am at peace.”
  • “I feel pleasure and abundance with every breath I take.”

Sacral Meditation

Another great way to support and help energize your sacral chakra is with meditation. You could even incorporate some of the affirmations we used above. The second chakra is associated with water, so you might find it beneficial to meditate near a body of water, including a bath or shower.

When you meditate, you can picture your pelvis glowing with a healing orange light, or even just draw attention to that area. You can choose to do your meditation either sitting or laying down. Close your eyes and even out your breathing. You can even count your breaths, inhaling for four, holding at the top for four, and exhaling for four counts until you’re fully relaxed. Use soothing music and essential oils to enhance the experience.

Yoga Poses for the Sacral Chakra

Poses that are good for the sacral chakra are any that focus on hip opening to bring energy flow to that area.

-A good place to start is Child’s Pose. Keep your toes together, and your knees apart. Rest your forehead on the mat and let go.

-Another great hip opener is Supine Figure-4. Lay on your back with your left foot on your mat. Cross your right ankle over your left thigh, making a 4. If you want to make the pose more intense, you can thread the needle by pulling your left leg toward you to deepen the stretch.

-Yogi Squat is also a great hip opener and can be done with the help of blocks and props. Start with your feet hips-width distance apart and your feet facing forward. Drop down into a deep squat. You may need to adjust by turning your feet out, taking them wider, or sitting up on one or two blocks. Keep your spine straight and lifted, and you can also close your eyes to really focus your energy.

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Activities to Activate Your Sacral Chakra

Anything that brings out your creativity or joy is great for energizing your sacral chakra. Dancing, painting, writing, even cooking! Set aside some time just for you to indulge yourself in a creative hobby. You don’t have to be good at it, you just have to open yourself up for the energy to flow. Color with your kids, take a pottery class, or test out a new recipe.

There are tons of ways to work on your sacral chakra. Keep your mind open and look for opportunities to celebrate this center of emotions, creativity, and passion.

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