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Why Corporate Wellness Programs are Effective

Should your company offer a wellness program for your employees? You may be noticing a shift in your employees’ priorities. Nowadays, they view work as more than just a paycheck—it’s an opportunity to connect with others, find themselves, and grow as a person. With this shift comes a desire to receive more from their company than a simple paycheck. To keep your employees loyal to your company, you may need to offer a host of benefits. This includes flexible schedules, free lunches, and wellness programs.

At Health Yoga Life, we believe offering a wellness program to your employees is a great way to invest in their health and future. With nearly 50% of health-related issues being lifestyle-related, businesses recognize the need to offer preventative wellness programs. These programs are worth the investment. Let’s look at why corporate wellness programs are effective.

The Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

The biggest question you may have about wellness programs is, “Are they really beneficial to the employee and the company as a whole?” Yes! Corporate wellness programs enable employees to be healthier—and healthy employees are more productive and more engaged in their work. Plus, employees are more satisfied with their current jobs. They are less likely to seek employment elsewhere if they actually participate in the program, as evidenced by a survey by Aflac.

Employees have already faced a rise in stress levels because of an ever-demanding, time-pressed work environment. However, since the pandemic, they’ve experienced even more stress. They had to learn to navigate a new way of life and have been worrying about the health of their loved ones and the state of their job. Because of this, many companies (around 81% of large companies) have turned to wellness programs to mitigate rising costs. Also, to prevent and manage any health conditions their employees may face from this increased stress.

Workplace wellness programs are effective when the company recognizes that their company’s success stems from the individual’s success. For a company to be healthy and thriving, each employee needs to be healthy. Companies can support their employees’ wellness journeys by making it easier for them to achieve their goals. This includes providing healthy options in the cafeteria, an office gym, regular yoga sessions, and pet-friendly environments.

Additionally, corporate wellness programs are beneficial for everyone involved when they integrate principles beyond physical health. Research has shown that costs aren’t reduced and overall health isn’t improved unless wellness programs focus on more than just physical health. Employees thrive when they are offered programs that focus on the five elements of wellbeing. These elements are physical, social, community, financial, and career.

The Effects of Corporate Yoga Programs

If your company is ready to invest in a corporate wellness program, you should consider integrating corporate yoga classes. Yoga targets not only physical health but also emotional and social health. It improves flexibility, posture, and strength while calming the mind, relieving stress, improving focus, and connecting people with their coworkers. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, employers lose around $70 billion a year because of employee absences and low productivity from mental distress. Corporate yoga is worth considering because of its mental health and social benefits.

For a corporate yoga program to be effective, you need to communicate with your employees that yoga is for everyone, no matter their level of experience. Employees don’t have to be athletic, flexible, or “fit” to participate in yoga. Yoga teachers are great at working with new beginners. They know how to adapt the practice so everyone can benefit.

Corporate Yoga Wellness Programs for Employees

Workplace wellness programs are a must for supporting the wellbeing of today’s employees. A program that includes yoga classes is especially effective. It improves physical health while heightening employees’ focus and releasing stress. Yoga is a low-cost, preventative healthcare measure that can be implemented in any corporate office. It offers flexibility because sessions can be held at any time, any day of the week. Research has shown that even one session a week is beneficial to employees’ productivity.

We offer online corporate yoga programs that provide additional perks. You can expect wellness seminars that teach employees ways to live healthy—at work and home. Boost employee morale, focus, and productivity with Health Yoga Life Corporate Wellness Program.

There is no better way to learn about the practice you love than through a yoga teacher training.

Join us and give yourself the opportunity to rest, heal, shed, and grow.