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3 Health Yoga Life Tips to Relieve Stress and Tension

Health Yoga Life Online Reduce Stress and Tension

If you’re feeling tense, my friends, you are not alone. There are several stressors in today’s world causing anxiety in many adults. It’s safe to say we all need a little stress-relief, and there’s no better way to heal your mind and body than with yoga techniques. Check out our three tips for relieving tension below.


Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana) for a Calm Mind

One simple and powerful way to ease stress and anxiety is through Nadi Shodhana, or alternate nostril breathing. This method of breathing calms the mind and relaxes the body.

How does Nadi Shodhana work? This technique balances:

      • Right and left-brain activity
      • Your body energies
      • Your nervous system

After practicing this breathing technique, you’ll find that your shoulders will release tension and your mind will feel at ease.


Steps for Nadi Shodhana

Wherever you are (your bedroom, your office, or your car), take a few moments to follow these steps for Nadi Shodhana:


      1. Start in a seated position.
      2. Cover your right nostril with your right thumb, and then breathe in through the left nostril for a count of 5.
      3. Cover both nostrils by leaving your thumb in place and bringing your right ring finger and pinky together over your left nostril.
      4. Hold your breath and let it circulate for a count of 5.
      5. Remove your thumb from your right nostril.
      6. Exhale through the right nostril for a count of 5.
      7. Inhale through the right nostril for a count of 5.
      8. Hold your breath to let it circulate for a count of 5.
      9. Remove your ring and pinky finger from your left nostril.
      10. Exhale through the left nostril for a count of 5.
      11. Inhale through the left nostril for a count of 5.
      12. Hold the breath to let it circulate for a count of 5.
      13. Exhale through the right and then repeat this practice until you feel at ease.

The more you use this yoga technique the easier it will be to match your length of breath with the time. Also, note that after each inhale, it gets easier to retain your breath.


Nostril Breathing for Energy and Sleep

Another technique you can try involves breathing through just one nostril for an extended period of time. If you want to increase your alertness and energy, breathe through your right nostril, which targets the left side of your brain. If you want to increase creativity, logical thinking, and decrease mental activity, breathe through your left nostril to energize the right side of your brain.

BONUS TIP: Having trouble sleeping at night? Try left nostril breathing to induce sleep!


Yoga Pose for Tension Relief: Half Pigeon Pose

If your stress is making your body tense and sore, then try half pigeon pose. This hip opener reduces tension by soothing stiff hips and relaxing the upper body.

For instructions on how to achieve pigeon pose, check out Yoga Journal’s guide. And, if you’re new to yoga, try Reclined Figure 4 or “Thread the Needle.” This variation will gradually prepare your body for Half Pigeon while still providing tension relief.


Coaching Tip: Notice, Embrace, and Replace Negative Thoughts

Often, we feel tense because of negative thoughts about our circumstances, our relationships, or our bodies. To relieve this tension, Notice, Embrace, and Replace your thoughts.

Instead of trying to push away negative thoughts, notice them. Let them flow freely, recognizing the emotional response they create in your body. It’s okay to feel tense because of something someone said to you or because you didn’t get the job you wanted. But don’t leave it here. Don’t accept the lies your mind is trying to tell you about your worth, your value, or your beauty. Instead, embrace the thoughts and recognize them for what they are — untrue beliefs. Once you do this, your mind and body will be ready for healing. After noticing and embracing the thought, replace it with a positive statement, such as “I have all I need to be happy,” to empower yourself.

Try this practice of noticing, embracing, and replacing your untrue thoughts and see how quickly you come back to the present moment. We’ve personally experienced relief from tension by combining this mental practice with Half Pigeon Pose or alternate nostril breathing. We highly suggest doing the same!


Ease Tension with Yoga

Stress, anxiety, and tension are all unavoidable parts of life. Thankfully, we have a host of practices we can do to combat these feelings. When you’re overwhelmed, instead of succumbing to these feelings, try a breathing technique, relaxing yoga pose, or a combination of the two. As your physical body falls into ease, your spiritual body will follow suit. This grounding will empower you to handle your situations, relationships, and thoughts with grace.

For more stress-relief yoga poses, check out Health Yoga Life’s virtual yoga classes. You’ll connect with experienced trainers and students while working out your physical and spiritual energies. Together we can get through anything.

Mindfulness is limited without Emotional Responsibility

There are so many times in our lives that we are challenged to understand more about ourselves, and life. If you think about it, whether it is a personal or professional struggle or a worldly event that brings things up for us to heal, the healing is the important part. Without healing ourselves we can’t heal our world. Your healing journey, really understanding the lessons of your life is the most powerful human experience you can have.

As a yoga practitioner you know the importance of being mindful –of observing your life, your thoughts from the inside out. BUT the golden question is what do you with that information? What good is noticing your pain or anger or guilt or fear without understanding it or doing something about it?

This is where the HYL Emotional Responsibility Method comes in. The ER Method is a process that brings you further clarity and gives you access to potent choice and action.

If you are ready to have more meaning in your life, to learn from what is actually happening in your life, to take anxiety, fear, pain, struggle and use it to move your life forward versus staying stuck in these feelings, then learning the ER Method is your next step.

Our 10-month 100% online coach training is the the way to learn this potent process. It is a training that deepens your understanding and gives you tools for growing in consciousness and compassion for yourself and others. Our communities need you to take your self growth seriously now more than ever!

So take the first step! Opt-in to learn more about our virtual HYL Coach Training. As a bonus we are offering a discount of 25% off the HYL Coach Training right now to everyone who opts in. There is no obligation, but in the next few days we will share with you more information about this amazing program.

If learning tools to support your own growth and healing, to increase intimacy with yourself and others, if honoring your journey and taking action is what you know you are needing then definitely opt-in. You’ll also be able to become a certified coach and add these skills to your professional career or coach others in your life!

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What would I talk about? – by Aida Bielkus

What would I talk about? People often ask this question when they want to find out more about HYL coaching and whether it is right for them.  What that question actually means is I am not ready to change.  I am okay with the status quo. I have grown complaisant and even though I feel a bit stuck I’m just going to stay my course and hope for the best.  If you cannot think of something you would want coaching for then you are okay not to experience change…yet… are you really?

I have been there.  I have held myself back by behaving from old beliefs based on fear.  I have ignored, resisted, blocked, gone complaisant, been lazy, and simply not cared; however, once I found coaching I could never  again go back to avoiding change.  Once you realize through your first coaching sessions that you run your own show, that life happens from you and not at you, you will be bitten by that bug.  You taste the possibility of your own true inner transformation, and there is nothing more rewarding  than the continued processing of that goal.

Let’s walk down “Devil’s Advocate Road” for the hell of it: what is so great about change? Isn’t it easier not to change; change just stirs things up and creates conflict.  This position is a false belief- and deep down inside-  you know it.  The truth is that conscious change releases conflict, suffering and stuck-ness.  By unconsciously making a choice to not change you unconsciously agree to have unconscious change happen to you.  Stuck-ness creates change that is out of your control.  Oh there will be plenty of change happening every day around you; change is a natural part of the world we live in, but your mind, body and spirit suffer in stuck-ness.  Your body gets out of balance and sick.  Your mind forms patterns of anxious thoughts.  Your relationships suffer. Your work goals grow stale or disappear.  With this position there is no growth unless it is somehow accidental.  Like you might accidentally win the lottery. But even in this extreme example,  we see change can be limited. In many instances people who win the lottery return to living as they always had, and change little because the change was not conscious.

I wrote the following quote in my high school in my High School year book,  “the only thing you can be sure of is change.” Not sure where I got it but I just knew it was true!  This idea has been put forth by many philosophers.  The ancient yogi philosopher, Patanjali  (150 BCE) wrote that impermanence and change are the only constants.  Later, the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus (480 BCE) theorized that everything is in a state of fluctuation.  And another example is in Buddhism where anicca, or impermanence is undeniably a factor of life.  A river flows and carves out a bed.  Trees grow by the bank and feed.  They decay and fall into the river.  Our souls are like that bed, being carved out by life. But we have the ability to create conscious choice that would allow our river to flow freely towards the open sea.  Coaching supports conscious choice and change.

Next Steps for Coaching:  Close your eyes and take 10 long breaths.  Think about your life and something that you would want to change. Something perhaps that you only you know. Write this down.  This desire to change, whether it be small or large, is exactly what a certified Health Yoga Life Coach will work with you on in coaching.  A coach will help you re-language, to see that how you describe things to yourself begin to create your reality. To re-language the question in this blog, I encourage you to instead say: I know what I will talk about with my coach. Coaches will then use affirmations to support your change.  This blog post’s affirmation is I create conscious change in my life with support from my coach.